Blog Post Schoology CEP 810

CEP 810 Blog Post


This year in my classroom I was fortunate to have one to one ipads.  Although, I had hours of training I didn’t feel like I would ever be prepared enough to manage thirty ipads.  One of the most important “productivity” tool I used was Schoology.  My teaching partner and I spend several days creating assessments and uploading them to Schoology so our students could take their assessments on the ipads and receive instant feedback.  This was time-consuming but all the hard work paid off because it saved us time in the long wrong.  One downfall to having the students take an assessment on Schoology was their grades did not link with our schools grading system Powerschool.  There is an updated version that schools must purchase so the two systems can link.  In the upcoming year I will no longer have ipads but I will have one to one Chromebooks I plan to use Schoology once again and I hope to make it more of a communication tool with the students and the parents.  I plan to post the students learning objectives each day and also upcoming quizzes and tests.  I would like to incorporate google calendars too but I don’t want to bite off more than I can handle.  My students really enjoyed Schoology the only piece of advice I can give is to have clear expectations with the students about what they can post because Schoology is similar to facebook students can comment and like different posts.


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