CEP 810 Blog Post How to Side French Braid

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side braid

I have decided to learn how to side french braid my hair.  I can do a single french braid directly down the middle of my head and I have tried to do a side french braid but I always manage to get frustrated and give up.  I will use a wonderful youtube video to help with the directions on how to do a side french braid.  I also found a great video and step by step written directions to help and lastly I found picture steps with written directions.  I plan to practice on my sister but my end goal is to be able to do the braid on myself.


2 thoughts on “CEP 810 Blog Post How to Side French Braid

  1. Ben Rimes says:

    Can’t wait to see the results! It looks like you’ve got plenty of examples to work with; Youtube has no shortage of health and beauty tutorials, especially when it comes to hair and makeup. I’m curious, if you manage to accomplish this sooner than you think, what other hairstyles might you attempt?

  2. Thanks for sharing a couple new videos with me Jamie. I am also working on learning a French braid for CEP 810. My preference is watching videos rather that reading the written directions combined with still pictures. I just wish my fingers didn’t get so tangled when I practice on my daughters hair. They were excited at first but I think the novelty is gone. Good luck. 🙂

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