CEP 810 21st Century Lesson Plan

In my 6th grade math class the routine was simple we began class with a 10 minute warm-up followed by 15-20 minutes of note-taking.  Then for the rest of the class period students would work on their math assignment and I would help struggling students or re-teach to a small group.  This way of teaching has been around for a long time lecturing…….  But are the students really thinking about what they are learning?????  In the last few weeks I was asked to push my students thinking by our technology director.  He asked me to have them create something with the ipads.  I was fortunate enough to have one to one ipads in my classroom.  So after reviewing our math topics I decided to have the students play a game called Algebra-lite.  This is an app that allows students to play with a pan and balance moving pawns and numbers to solve for the missing value (pawn).  I asked them to write down patterns they found and come up with rules on how to solve for the pawn.  They had learned how to solve one-step equations but had not solved two-step equations.  The algebra-lite application only has two-step equations.  Once they came up with their list of rules to solving the equations they had to get the rules checked by me.  Then the students had to make a video on Educreations teaching their fifth grade buddy how to solve two-step equations.  This 21st Century Lesson Plan pushes the students to use inquiry and critical thinking to come up with rules and then produce a video on Educreation showing what they learned.  The students also shared their Educreations video with the class and myself.  This lesson was by far the most rewarding lesson because students problem solved and created something to show what they learned.  I hope to use these type of lessons in the up coming school year.



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