CEP 811 Design Experiment

Currently in my classroom I have sixteen tables arranged in groups and rows.  I have a very small classroom so my room is set up to fit at least thirty students. I have my teacher desk at the front of the classroom along with a white board, Elmo, and projector screen.  I also have a podium next to my desk this is where the Elmo is located.  I am also lucky enough to have one to one technology in my classroom (ipads last year) Chrome books this year.  Every student has access to a Chrome book and a gmail account. One area that I do not have in my classroom is a meeting area or an area to teach mini lessons such as a rug.

I managed to create some groups of tables and some rows within my space.

2014-03-12 10.54.11 2014-03-12 10.52.52


In my redesigned space I created a meeting area where I would teach writing and reading mini lessons.  I also promote group learning and collaboration that is why I chose my desks to be tables.  Each table would have outlets in the center so the students could plug-in their technology without worry of the battery dying.  The students could also work at their tables on things such as maker lessons.  I took less emphasizes off my desk because I believe that the teacher should spend the majority of their time working with students at their learning space. According to the environment is the third teacher, “free teachers from the traditional desk at the front of the classroom and encourage new settings for teaching and learning.” Moving the teacher desk and giving the teacher the freedom to move and collaborate with students will promote a positive work environment.


To complete this vision I would need a rug which I could purchase with my yearly money I receive from the school.  I would need some type of outlets to run across my desks so every student would have access to an outlet.  I am fortunate enough to have the technology.  I would also like to have two large white boards that students can write on.  I could ask my principal if maintenance could hang another white board in the back of my room.  There are extra white boards in the storage room.

Classroom 1_1

The classroom also has a large window that gives the room plenty of natural light.


classroom 2_1


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