CEP 810 Network Learning Project (Side French Braid)

During the process of learning to side french braid I watched several youtube videos and read a few how to’s.  I found the youtube videos to be the most helpful because it was visual. I could pause, rewind, and fast forward through parts I needed more help on.  I also found that practice does in fact make “perfect”.  The more I practiced the better I got.  I truly believe that my students need to practice what they are learning to help them become experts (math facts).


2014-07-27 13.34.13                        2014-07-27 16.06.55

Week One                                                     Week Two

When I first began to braid I was extremely frustrated I am sure that my resource room and rti students feel this way when they are learning new challenging math problems.  The key is to take it step by step and practice.  It also helps to see multiple ways and examples.  I plan to use Schoology this year with my students and I will provide extra video tutorials to help students with their homework.

I also found that I could braid others hair a lot easier than my own.  So for my final video

I braided my sister’s hair.  She also helped me when I had questions or needed extra help.


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