CEP 810 Reflection

Over the last seven weeks I have been challenged to learn new things and reflect on my teaching practices.  The Network Learning Project pushed me outside my bubble to learn something new.  There were times I was extremely frustrated giving me insight into how some of my students may feel when they don’t understand something.  I learned how to share on youtube and blog about my experiences on WordPress.  Not only was I pushed to learn something new I also was challenged to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using a spoon, a plate, and a cup.  I learned that repurposing tools to create something is a great way for students to show their creativity.  My goal this year is to let my students create and not hold them back with tight restrictions.  I am lucky enough to have one-to-one Chromebooks next year.


Chromebooks Rollout - Shenkus

I am still trying to wrap my head around how I am going to use all the information I learned with my students.  My goal is to implement something new each month so I don’t overwhelm my students or myself.  I also want to know what the best way is to implement all the new information I learned into my classroom.



Chromebooks Rollout – Shenkus, Jarret, Kevin, https://www.flickr.com/photos/kjarrett/6782114274/in/photolist-9VNt4a-dU7Lkz-nMUsEf-o1MvZS-abTY7w-9ZNXQM-bkj7hJ-bkj6QU-dDuz2Q-dWLgt1-e45L7f-9T6gK1-9ToMze-dTA79W-eicpwT-9T3kCv-ejHR9Y-ejsCda-ejykCq-acVYHq-9JpZ3j-dNyZhW-ae1ooF-9T3sU6-ehSbwB-bye1YP-bydZQV-bkj72q-bkj6DN-bkj6xW-bye1oR-bye1De-bkj6ib-bztcma-bztbc2-bztaXk-bztc6X-bmyk8m-bztbRF-bztaqR-fYXZfX-fBMKDx-9JmYGn-9T6gKC-nuTASz-kGtGug-9JpYZ9-mGm2YK-9XJv1w-dRqiuH



One thought on “CEP 810 Reflection

  1. Ben Rimes says:

    I have no doubt that if you keep wrapping your brain around those questions you’ll start to form some good plans to work with opening up your instructional setting a bit. Starting small will help, and you might find that refining the use of a tool or instructional practice before moving onto a new thing may be more beneficial than sticking to a rigid time schedule.

    Digging deeper into questioning, and asking students to reflect on their own learning might be the first steps you need to loosen up your classroom a bit. I’m sure your students would love to explore various creation tools, and give you direction about which tools might be better for certain tasks as you all explore together.

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