CEP 811 Ed Camp Reflection

Last week I participated in a “un-conference” with fellow CEP 811 peers.  The purpose of the “un-conference” was to teach each other about some type of technology in the classroom.  Each presenter had their own presentation they shared via Google hangout.  The presenters were given fifteen minutes to present and insight discussion about their topic.

I learned a lot about my peer’s different schools and what they were doing in the classroom that really works well.  I especially appreciated the different examples and resources that were shared.  Being able to collaborate with my peers was extremely helpful and I learned a lot from them.  I found that I am very fortunate at my school to have a one-to-one technology environment, which will be helpful when the student have to test on the computers in the near future.

The “un-conference” would be a great way for teachers to have professional development.  Each staff member could present on his or her topic and then have a discussion with the rest of the staff.  A time limit would have to be in place so that the staff wouldn’t get side tracked.  The time limit on our conference made it a little difficult to get all the information out to my peers but I also understand why there needs to be a time limit.  


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